Georgia Born.

Battle Tested.

Service Driven.

One Tough Conservative.

Colonel Alan Sims

Growing up in a military family, it was all about service and results. Alan’s dad was a veteran, who built a small business in north Georgia, and put Alan to work before he left for West Point and the military.

Abroad, Colonel Sims took down terrorists in the Middle East and helped field Israel’s Iron Dome. Back home, he helped lead evacuation efforts for his unit and for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Now he has a new mission: Congress.

Colonel Alan Sims will fight for Georgia’s conservative values and fire Nancy Pelosi. The Biden-Pelosi far-left agenda is a fatal threat to America. With rising costs at the gas station and grocery store, record numbers of illegals crossing our southern border, and enemies who no longer fear us, we need leaders in Washington who know how to defend our Georgia way of life, and our safety abroad. We need a proven fighter: Colonel Alan Sims.

Alan lives in Winder, Georgia, where he attends Bethlehem Church with his wife, Vanessa. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. He holds both a Master of Arts in Religion and a Master of Divinity from Liberty University. He currently serves as an international pilot for Delta Air Lines.

Guiding Principles


America is an exceptional nation, shaped and established under the protection of Providence.


The Bible and the Constitution are the cornerstones of our Republic. We must remain true to these to remain under the providential protection we have prospered under more than 200 years.


The United States Constitution is the oldest in the world. Its durability is the result of the timeless principles on which it is established, and the original intent of our Founding Fathers.


Our rights are inalienable and come from God, not from government.


For a nation to remain free, individual liberties must go hand-in-hand with personal responsibility and limited government.

Here is where Alan Stands:

PROTECT LIFE – Life is a sacred gift from God that begins at conception. I will defend life at every opportunity, and always oppose measures that allow taxpayer funding of abortion.
PROTECT THE SECOND AMENDMENT – As a veteran and avid gun owner, the right to keep and bear arms is key to protecting freedom and must be defended as fundamental to all other liberties.
ELECTION INTEGRITY – American blood has been shed across generations to protect every Georgian’s right to vote, and under no circumstances should abuse of the election process be tolerated. It should be easy to vote and hard to cheat.
NATIONAL SECURITY – Threats to our nation exist, not only abroad, but within our borders, and are gaining strength under the weak Biden Administration. America must retake its global position as a nation that commands peace through strength.
BORDER SECURITY – The situation at our southern border threatens our safety and our economy. We must finish the wall and enforce our laws to protect our national sovereignty.
CUT SPENDING – Congress is on a spending spree that must stop. The government should entrust the people and the private sector to provide solutions rather than the government becoming "the solution."
ENERGY INDEPENDENCE – America is blessed with abundant resources. Government should promote energy independence and not put our sovereignty, safety or prosperity at risk.
SUPPORT BUSINESS – The American economy flourishes when businesses take risks, develop solutions to problems, and government stays out of the way. Government mandates and onerous regulations have no place on Georgians or their businesses.
DEFEND ISRAEL AND STAND BY OUR ALLIES – I served for two years in Jerusalem and two years at the Pentagon to ensure Israel’s security. Protection of our greatest ally in the region is a moral and strategic imperative. Standing by all of our allies is the right thing to do, and helps to keep us safe.
LOW TAXES – American families and the middle class prosper when taxes are low and fair for all. Americans must be able to take home more of what they earn and access the prosperity for which they have worked so hard.
STOP THE INDOCTRINATION – I come from a proud history of Georgia educators. Both of my grandfathers were school principals and many in my family, including my daughter, have taught in both public and private schools. The left is working to indoctrinate our children through Critical Race Theory (CRT) and socialist principles that are aimed to divide and demoralize our nation. In Congress, I’ll stand against this dangerous indoctrination in our children’s schools and classrooms.
SCHOOL CHOICE – Public schools wield disproportionate influence over our kids. Parents must have the first and last say in their student’s curriculum and school.
AGRICULTURE – Farmers & Ranchers are a cornerstone of Georgia’s 10th District economy and way of life. Onerous taxes and regulations must be defeated and repealed to ensure vibrancy of this sector and markets must be open to sell their commodities to the world.
LESS REGULATION – Government bureaucracy has created obstacles that favor certain people and businesses while placing others at a disadvantage. The Administrative State must be checked so that barriers to entry can be reduced and businesses can flourish.
VETERANS AND MILITARY FAMILIES – Veterans have served our nation at great sacrifice to themselves and their families. Our nation must honor its commitment to these heroes and ensure they receive the transition support, training, and healthcare benefits as promised.
LOWER HEALTHCARE COSTS – Skyrocketing healthcare costs that benefit big corporations at the expense of vulnerable families is wrong. Establishing a patient-first approach with transparent pricing is key to stopping the ballooning cost of healthcare.
SAFER COMMUNITIES – All Georgians deserve to feel safe at home and free of fear in their communities. Police and first responders must be supported to ensure federal resources are not cut off because of radical political agendas.

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